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About MatchPoints

The purpose of a MatchPoints seminar is to create dialogue between Aarhus University and the surrounding society concerning subjects of wider societal interest. Therefore the seminars will be open to the public.

Moreover, it is characteristic of a MatchPoints seminar that the speakers at these seminars rank among the most highly esteemed national and international figures in the field and subject that the seminar is focused on.

The first MatchPoints Seminar was held November 15-17 2007, and has since been held many more times since. Read about Earlier events on Knowledge-based Economies, Nationhood in plural societies, Post humanity, Democracy, on Conflict in Memories, on the Culture of Politics, Economics and International Relations and on Trust. 

Academic convenor of the MatchPoints Seminars is professor Jørgen Elklit, Department of Political Science at Aarhus University.