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During the Saturday programme you will have the chance to have a small taste of the performance ROBOT DREAMS.

In “ROBOT DREAMS” three dancers meet automata, robots, and animatronic body parts, and encounter the artificial intelligence ToMoMi. “I am living in your consciousness, thus I am” ToMoMi says in response to the question of whether she is real. Electricity and programming code let artificial agents come to ‘life’ that are not human nor animals but also no longer mere objects — they have a special presence, their own magic. They are creatures we create, they mirror us and expose our vulnerability and mortality. During the play the actors increasingly become Cyborgs and objects and due to sensors and technology, the machines begin to develop human qualities and feelings. What do robots dream of? What do we dream of when we dream of robots?

MEINHARDT KRAUSS FEIGL is the name of a new theatre ensemble performing cinematographic theatre at the MatchPoints Seminar 2018. The emsemble consists of the puppeteer and dancer Iris Meinhardt, the director and video artist, Michael Krauss, video artist Oliver Feigl, and the composer Thorsten Meinhardt. Their performance combine visual theatre, dance, film, new media and contemporary music, merging hightech and poetry, virtuality and human bodies into a new and unique theatrical language that entices the audience to explore the boundaries of the real and the surreal.

See the full ROBOT DREAMS performance Saturday evening

ROBOT DREAMS will be performed Saturday night in it's full length at the theatre KATAPULT at 20.00.
Click here if you wish to buy tickets for the full performance at Katapult

Arranged by Katapult and MatchPoints, Aarhus University.