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Evening programme at Concert Hall Aarhus

Education, Inequality and the Welfare State

Welcome to an evening at Concert Hall Aarhus with a presentation by the American Nobel Prize Laureate James Heckman, whose research has shown that investing in early childhood development is economically beneficial for society, because the fates of disadvantaged children, according to Heckman, are determined before they start school. Professor Heckman's co-speaker this evening will be Senior Researcher Rasmus Landersø from The Rockwool Foundation.

The topic this evening will be:

Education, Inequality and the Welfare State

How has inequality in education and educational mobility evolved in Denmark over the last century, what are the potential consequences of inequality of opportunity across the life cycle, and can the effects of redistribution policies on inequality and social mobility be double edged? And what questions do these issues raise?

After the presentation there will be a panel debate with Professor James Heckman, Senior Researcher Rasmus Landersø, AU-professor Niels Egelund, CEO Morten Albæk and MP Morten Østergaard.
Moderator this evening is communications advisor Rulle Grabow. The evening will be held in English.

This evening is part of the MatchPoints Seminar 2018 on Welfare. You can register for the full conference or seperately for this evening event (275,- DKK incl. reception) by clicking on the link below. See the full conference programme here

Register for the evening event or the entire Seminar here

Evening venue:

Concert Hall Aarhus, Thomas Jensens Allé, 8000 Aarhus C


17.00-17.40 Reception at Concert Hall Aarhus (Foyer area)
17.45-18.30 Presentation by Nobel Prize Laureate Professor James Heckman, University of Chicago and Senior Researcher Rasmus Landersø, The Rockwool Foundation
Education, Inequality and the Welfare State

Panel debate on Education, Inequality and the Welfare State

Moderator: Rulle Grabow, Communications Advisor
19.45-22.15 Dinner at Restaurant johan r (at Concert Hall Aarhus)
At 19:45 the evening will continue with dinner at Concert Hall Aarhus’ Restaurant john r incl. wine (a separate ticket, 399,- DKK, must be purchased in order to attend).
The menu consists of an exclusive tapas menu with different cold tapas and one warm side dish prepared according to the season and the chef’s mood. The dinner also includes two glasses of wine, ice water and coffe/tea. Please note: For registered participants only. Price for dinner: 399,- DKK.
22.15 End of Friday programme
See you tomorrow at Aarhus University for the MatchPoints Seminar.

Meet the panelists Friday evening

Professor James Heckman

Professor James Heckman is the Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, a Nobel Memorial Prize winner in economics and an expert in the economics of human development. His recent research focuses on human development and lifecycle skill formation, with a special emphasis on the economics of early childhood development. His research has given policymakers important new insights into such areas as education, job-training programs, minimum-wage legislation, anti-discrimination law, social supports and civil rights. Read more about James Heckman here

Read recent Danish article about Heckman's research in Børn&Unge no. 2/2018: https://www.epaper.dk/buplforbund/boernogunge/2018/022018/

Please note that Professor James Heckman also gives a keynote speech at The MatchPoints Seminar on Thursday - you can sign up for the full conference here

Senior Reseacher Rasmus Landersø

Rasmus Landersø is a senior researcher at the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit. Rasmus is cand.polit. from the University of Copenhagen and he holds a PhD in Economics from Aarhus University. He was awarded the Young Labour Economist Prize in 2011. Rasmus’ research focuses on the determinants of social mobility, inequality, and at-risk behaviour over the life cycle and in interaction with the welfare state.

Professor Niels Egelund

Niels Egelund, born 1945. Teacher Certificate 1968. Teacher in primary school until 1971. MA in psychology 1976. Psychologist in a municipality 1977-1979. Assistant professor in clinical psychology on Royal Danish School of Educational Studies from 1979, ph.d. in 1982, associate professor, reader from 1978, dr.paed. 1990, associate research professor in special education 1994, professor in special education 1996. Professor on Danish University of Education 2000, on Aarhus University 2007. Participation on OECDs PISA studies 1998-2017. Director for Centre for Strategic Research in Education, Danish Institute of Educational Research, Aarhus University 2010-2016, conducting a range of quantitative studies in the educational field.

CEO Morten Albæk

Honorary professor of philosophy and founder of Voluntas, a global investment and consultancy firm, which is the world’s first investment firm based on meaningfulness, diversity and sustainability, and the only Dane to have been named one of the most innovative marketing executives in the world five years in a row by the American magazine The Internationalist. Morten Albæk began his career in Danske Bank where he rose to the position of SVP of Idea Generation & Innovation before he left the bank for a job as Group SVP of Global Marketing, Communication and Corporate Relations at Vestas.

Morten Albæk is also the author of three books in Danish about modern society: Generation fucked up? (2005), Nedslag - mellem det vi siger, og det vi gør (2008) and Det gennemsnitlige menneske (2013).

MP Morten Østergaard

Morten Østergaard (born June 17, 1976) is political leader and group chairman of the Social Liberal Party  and member of the parliament. From 2011-2014 he was Minister for Research, Innovation and Higher Education and for a short period of 2014 he was Minister for Taxation. In September 2014 when Margrethe Vestager was appointed Danish Commissioner he became political leader of the Social Liberal Party and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic and Interior Affairs. He was the Vice-President of the Party from 2002 to 2005.
Morten Østergaard holds a master's degree in political science from Aarhus University.

Moderator Rulle Grabow

Rulle Grabow, communications advisor. Rulle holds a masters degree in Nordic Philology and Media from University of Copenhagen. For the last 20 years she has been Special Advisor to the Minister of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture, Head of PR and Communications in Sterling Airlines, Top Management Advisor and Editor in Chief at The Danish Agricultural Council, Editor and Internal Communications Manager in TDC and Communication Advisor in the financial sector. Today she is the owner of Grabow Communication and specializes in crises communication, strategic advisory and top board management advisory. She is a well known political analyst in Danish television and radio.