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Organizational Leadership in the Welfare State

Thursday 24 May at 13.15-14.45

The welfare state is challenged, and one of the solutions is better leadership in the organizations that provide welfare services. We need better knowledge about what leadership behavior creates the best results for the citizens in different types of welfare organizations. Bringing together leadership scholars from two comparable countries with different welfare states, the overall question will be: How can we best improve leadership of welfare provision in public and private organizations? This is addressed both conceptually, in cross-national comparisons and in detailed studies of welfare organizations with different leadership strategies.

Workshop participants: 

Associate professor Lars Tummers Utrecht University and associate professor Eva Knies, Utrecht University) + PhD student Stefan Boye, AU:
How can we conceptualize public leadership, and do we have the conceptual tools to improve leadership of welfare provision?

Professor Janka Stoker and Professor Harry Garretsen, both Groningen University:
Archetypes of leadership and team effectiveness in different cultures?

Assistant professor Joris van der Voet and professor Sandra Groeneveld, both Leiden University):
Leading welfare provision in the Netherlands with transformational leadership

Professor Lotte Bøgh Andersen (AU and VIVE) and senior researcher Bente Bjørnholt, VIVE:
Leading welfare provision in Denmark with transformational leadership

The workshop is organized by professor Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, e-mail: lotte@ps.au.dk , Tel.: +45 87165726


Management, Leadership and Professional Welfare Practice

Thursday 24 May at 15.15-16.45

Since the 1990s, it has been a global trend to streamline welfare work based on market-based logics. Welfare professionals such as teachers, psychologists, social workers and healthcare assistants have been reorganized in competitive organizations, and in many local governments, authority has been separated from the performance of welfare work. The development has created a focus on clear objectives for the specific policy area and welfare organization, as well as a number of well-documented problems. This workshop raises the question of how to do it differently? How can we develop new forms of effective governance that integrate and support the development of professional knowledge without compromising management, leadership and professional welfare practice?

Workshop participants:

Michael Hill is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the University of Newcastle. He has contributed to the study of the relationship between public governance and professional practice and has written widely on social policy and on the making and implementation of public policy and was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Social Policy Association in 2009.
The Public Professions in the Future Welfare State

Dorte Caswell is Associate professor of Sociology and Social Work at Aalborg University. She studies frontline intervention and has published to practitioners and to an international audience. She is realizing a major innovation project, about a better way to create and maintain reflection and knowledge in welfare work.
Talking Clients into Work? Translating active labour market policy into meaningful interactions with hard-to-place unemployed

Knud Aarup is former director of the National Board of Social Affairs and has just released a new book on the transition from an exclusive to an inclusive society "Fra udenforskab til fællesskab". He is active on the public governance agenda with a number of concrete proposals for new solutions to "old problems".
Social Policy – the glue in welfare societies

Anne Mette Møller is a PhD.-student from Political Science at Copenhagen University. She is doing research on evidence-based knowledge in welfare work. She has experience from the consulting world and has a strong network in public management.
Knowledge, evidence and professionalism in child protective services

The workshop is organized by Marie Østergaard Møller, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, e-mail: Mol@dps.aau.dk, Mobile: +45 2840 3379