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What Happens to the Danish Model? (VIVE)

The Welfare State, Economic Performance and Social Inclusion

Thursday 24 May at 13.15-14.45

Denmark has internationally a large public sector, sometimes described as a non-productive financial burden that at best affects growth through changes in aggregate demand. However, public services and social investments affect the behavior of both citizens and businesses, and thus it is likely that such public spending has effects also on economic growth and social inclusive. In this workshop, three of Denmark’s leading welfare state professors present empirical studies of the link between public sector activity and growth and wealth in the welfare state.

Workshop participants:

Professor Carl-Johan Dalgaard, University of Copenhagen:
The origin of economic growth under different welfare regimes

Professor Torben Tranæs, VIVE - The Danish Centre for Social Science Research:
Dynamic Effects of Public Expenditure

Professor Jon Kvist, University of Southern Denmark:
Inclusive growth and social investment over the life course

The workshop is organised by Head of Research Department, VIVE The Danish Centre for Social Science Research Lisbeth Pedersen lp@vive.dk

Developments in Social Policy

Thursday 24 May at 15.15-16.45

Danish Social Policy is undergoing major changes from a focus on benefits and benefit levels to a focus on social services, marginalization and exclusion on the one hand and integration on migrants on the other hand. This workshop deals with those changes. It illustrates the changes in social policy by a look at the developments in social statistics. It takes a close look at welfare policies for marginalized persons and also a look at one of the core issues not only in social policy but in Danish policy in general – integration of migrants to the Danish society and the Danish labor market.

Workshop participants:

Niels Ploug, Statistics Denmark:
The development of Danish Social Policy illustrated by historical and more recent developments in social statistics.

Lars Benjaminsen, VIVE:
Welfare policies for socially marginalized people. Challenges and Changes

Heidi Vad Jønsson, University of Southern Denmark:
The development of policies for the integration of immigrants as part of the development of social policies in Denmark.

The workshop is organized by Niels Ploug, Statistics Denmark